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    Glass Filters
    glass filters, rocoes
    Color Filters
    Optical color Filters
    Color Filter Glass
    Key Features

    Transmits or absorbs light within the of one or several wavelength.

    Camera / CCTV filters.
    Medical Equipments.
    Optical Equipments.
    Laser instruments.
    Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment(AOI)

    ITEM NO.
    UV1, UV2, UV3
    IR720H, IR760H, IR850H
    IRC635H, IRC620H, IRC610H, IRC600H
    BH1, BH2, BH3, BH4, BH5, BH10,
    BH11, BH12, BH13, BH24
    R600H, R630H, R640H, R650H, R670H
    O535H, O550H, O565H, O580H
    Y450H, Y490H

    Information and Notes

  • 1. Glass Filters are also called "colored glass filters" or "color filters" generically.
  • 2. Glass filters absorbing the light in part wavelength range and transmitting light in orther wavelength region.
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