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Simulate the light under the sea. Aquarium lighting, Fish tank Lighting.
For fresh meat, sea foods lighting. Meat Lighting, Sea Food Lighting.
For vegetables, fruit and flowers lighting. Vegetables/Fruits/Flowers Lighting
Speed plants grow. Plants grow lighting.
Yellow light could anti-insects and mosquito. Food factory.
Multi-layers Coating on glass to change the color. Lighting, Fiber Lighting, Effect lighting.
Reflective near infrared, reduce the heat of lamp. Fiber lighting, Lighting.
Block UV and under 500nm light. Laboratory Lighting.
Block UV light. Laboratory Lighting.
Rise or reduce color temperature. Lighting, Show case lighting.
Green light for dust detection lighting. Dust Detection Lighting.
Green light, easy to check surface defects. Quality check Lighting. Quality check instruments.
Color wheel for fiber lighting Fiber lighting.
UV lighting. Wall wash lighting, Stage Lighting, Lighting, Architectural Lighting.
Amplify the light angle. LED Lighting, Stage lighting, scan, Moving Head, Lighting, vision system.
Plastic material lenses. LED Lighting, Stage lighting, scan, Moving Head, Lighting, vision system.

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