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  • Production Flow
  • Applications
  • Spectrum curve and Measurement
  • Wave and Unit
  • About coating
  • How to improve transmitance?
  • How to distinguish the coating surface?
  • Introduction to tempered glass
  • Quality of coating filter

  • About us


    Introduction to ROCOES electro-optics co., ltd.


    Production Flow


    The flow chart of the vacuum coating process, from feeding to packaging.




    Introduction to the application range of coatings, including entertainment, consumer, optical instruments, military equipment, medical equipment, etc.


    Spectrum curve and Measurement


    The meaning of the spectrum and the simple schematic of the spectrum measurement.


    Wave and Unit


    The vast Wave and Unit, in addition to visible light, also includes short-wavelength gamma rays to long-wave radio waves.


    About Coatings


    Simplified schematic and introduction of optical vacuum coating.


    How to improve transmittance?


    How to increase the transmittance of transparent glass (acrylic) by coating?


    How to distinguish coated surface?


    The filter is usually a glass surface on one side and a coated surface on the other side. How do you tell?


    Introduction to Tempered Glass


    Principles and characteristics of physical strengthening and chemical strengthening.


    Quality of coatings filters


    Production conditions and quality of coating and coating filters.