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Dichroic filters Multi-layers coating on glass to change the color.
Dichroic Mirrors Multi-layers coating on glass to change the reflective color of glass.
Dichroic gobos Plates that can be projected with high temperature resistance
Glass gobosGlass with a three-dimensional pattern on the surface
Metal gobosMetal pattern sheet
Aluminum MirrorsAluminized Mirrors
Heat reflection filtersReflect infrared light to reduce the light temperature of the bulb
UV-cut filtersFilter UV rays
Color temperature conversion filtersFilter that increases or decreases the color temperature
RGB/CMY mix filtersFilter using RGB or CYM color mixing principle
Fiber lighting color wheelA variety of color chips for fiber optic lights
Diffuser/Frost can enlarge the angle of the beam and soften the light
Pattern glass can evenly beam, soften light
Plastic lensesVarious lenses of plastic material
Glass lensesGlass-shaped lenses
Aquarium lighting filtersSeveral aquarium lighting filters to beautify the aquarium environment
Meat/Sea lighting filtersFresh foods such as meat, seafood, fish, shrimp, crab and shell can present fresh and delicious color
Vegetable/Fruit/Flower lighting filtersIlluminate vegetables, fruits, and flowers to make the colors more vivid and full
Plants grow lighting filtersAccelerating photosynthesis of green plants, lighting time can adjust the flowering period of plants
Anti-insect lighting filtersSpecial yellow wavelength to keep mosquitoes away
Yellow uv-cut filtersNo penetration below 500nm, can isolate UV
Surface defects detection lighting filtersAppearance Detection Lighting
UV leak detect filters enables the bulb to emit only ultraviolet light, allowing the fluorescent material to react

Applications: Lighting, Stage lighting, Entertainment lighting, farm lighting, Supermarket lighting.