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    UV leak detect filter

    uv leak,rocoes

    UV leak detect filter


    Also known as Dichroic filters, coated filters


    Functions: Reflects visible light and maintains UV light. Before being placed in the light source, the fluorescent reactants are clearly visible.


    Applications: Refrigerant leak detection, fluorescent reaction identification.


    ITEM NO: UV445

    Spectral Characteristics

    T50% =445 +/-5nm

    Tave>75% @ 390-410nm

    Tave<3% @ 460-700nm

    Physical Characteristics

    Glass: 1.1mm

    Tempered glass: 2, 3, 4, 5mm

    Borosilicate: 1.1mm

    Square: 8x8 - 220x220mm

    Round: Dia8 - 210mm

    *Tempered glass has minimum size limit

    Resistant Temperature


    Tempered glass:250℃


    Information and Notes

    1. The UV leak detect filter is vacuum evaporated by a multilayer dielectric film.

    2. Coating by PVD-EBGE (Physical Vapor Deposition-Electron Beam Gun Evaporation) .

    3. The transmittance curves are measurements at 0°of incidence angle. No penetration by coating reflection. The penetration color will vary slightly depending on the angle of incidence.

    4. Tempered glass has minimum thickness, size and shape restrictions. Refer to Introduction to Tempered Glass.

    5. The spectral curve is the measured value of the sample and may vary slightly depending on the manufacturing lot, but is consistent with the spectral definition.

    6. The website specifications are for reference only, and shipments are subject to the specifications confirmed by both parties.

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